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In the Before Times...

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In the Before Times™, almost a year ago, I chose to pursue pure singledom. My senior year of high school bled into my college years, which were congested with a troubling relationship.



I kept hanging out with a Music Guy. He had his own grandiose music ventures. And I allowed his tastes to influence replace my own. I would block my capacity to love music with my heart on my sleeve, without embarrassment. I let my space become occupied by his voice so that I can’t be burdened with the task of believing in my own.

Soon after this long relationship, I zipped right into another long relationship. I was burnt out of romance by that summer-fall. I think of fall 2019 and my period of singledom as an extension of my summer. LA was hot as balls, and suddenly I wasn’t constantly observed. I could lounge arou