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HEAR HEAR! Submit your work for our second issue- GROOVES

Now that the You Know What I Mean rocket has officially launched into the digital space, we are already prepping for the next steps.

We are very excited to announce the theme of our next issue.

Drumroll, please... 


We'll be dedicating a double-issue to the songs, artists and bands that keep us moving. Featuring interviews, playlists and more.

That being said, we also want to feature visual and literary works that are inspired by your relationship with music. Or it can be a poem in the form of a playlist/a photo essay of your vinyl collection/think piece on a specific era– whatever you want!

Some questions to start your creative process–

Submit your work to:

How do you envision the concert experience to change? Are there any technologies or conventions that we could adopt to make it safer?

How has music manifested to spearhead social change, either in covert or revolutionary ways?

What songs/bands/artists totally changed your relationship to how you listen to music?

Submit your work to: BY JULY 20th, 2020.

Til' then, let's dance, sway, and GROOVE.

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