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Come join us at our WINTER BALL LIVESTREAM!

️LIVE FROM... everywhere!!! Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th, from 6-8 PM PT/9-11 PT we are bringing you the WINTER BALL on @twitch (co-hosted by Monica Mouet and Davia Schendel!) You must sign up and create a Twitch account before tuning in (free of charge!)

Livestream link:


We have been working on putting the show together and we’re very excited to share everyone’s wonderful work (and to dance!!!!our!!! butts!!! OFF!!!! you know we will) ️

🔹1st hour: performances and segments by the @youknowwhatimeanmag community (musical performances! witty segments! special guests!)

🔶2nd hour: DJ set curated by Monica and Davia

Again, we are urging any attendees to donate $5-$10 which will be split and sent to 3 organizations fighting hunger: The Okra Project / City Harvest NYC / LA Regional Food Bank

Hope to see you there!

D & M

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